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Thank You for the Love

Well, it’s time to wrap up this chapter. Over the past two years, we have truly enjoyed meeting each of you — whether online, at local productions or even at Town Hall in New York. You all inspired us and made this opportunity endlessly rewarding.

As we mentioned in the final email, many of you may have met Bill — the artist who created the Statue of Liberty image of John’s iconic Origin of Love costume by the incomparable Erik Bergrin. Bill is a freelance designer and writer who also crafted many of the tour images and pin designs you may have seen on the Origin of Love’s first go-round.

With the close of Junction City Mercantile, Bill has his own stock of some of the pins, tees and rarities he had designed or partnered with other artists on. You can find a few of the Hedwig delights (and so much more) at Bill’s shop at

Thank you for the love, the inspiration and the memories,

All of Us at JCM

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