Thank You for the Love

Well, it’s been a crazy month, and the universe is letting us know that it’s time to bring Junction City Mercantile to a close. We are prioritizing our lives, and we need to focus our time and energy on growing our other business. Over the past two years, we have truly enjoyed meeting each of you — whether online, at local productions or even at Town Hall in New York. You all inspired us and made this trip endlessly rewarding.

We are talking to a group of Hedwig superfans who may pick up where we left off with some of our old designs and a collection of new pieces. They are working on a site that focuses less on the artists and history of Hedwig and more on Hedwig as a cultural phenomenon and a source of inspiration for misfits around the world. We will update you as soon as they have any news.

As we wind down this chapter, we still have a limited number of pins and custom items available for sale, and we’d like to offer them to our newsletter fans first. Everything in stock is listed below. We will keep the store up until the end of May, so let your Hedwig friends know if there is anything they still need.

In addition, we have one last pin in production. This was the pin for May, a “Yankee Go Home” work inspired by Keith Herring and drawn by the incomparable Mister B Nation. We had paused production as we figured out how and when JCM would end. We have them back in the queue and they will ship in late May.

Again, we will be in touch if another group decides the pick up where we left off.

Thank you for the love, the inspiration and the memories,

All of Us at JCM